The over 100-year-old apartment building is located in the attractive district of Heidelberg directly on the Neckar and is a listed building.
The house had been in slumber for decades and a significant need for renovation and maintenance had accumulated. The total renovation will breathe new life into this turn-of-the-century house and make it fit for the next generation.
Through careful coordination with the responsible authorities, especially with monument preservation, a concept of preservation and renewal could be developed and implemented. Old things were preserved, refurbished and brought back to life and equipped with the latest technology. All water and heating pipes and all electrical cables were removed, re-laid and brought up to date with today’s building technology, including the connections for modern IT cabling. All existing parquet floors were re-sanded and preserved. The simple stucco work and wooden paneling as well as the beautiful original entrance doors to the apartments were also refurbished and renovated. The old windows were carefully refurbished and fitted with energetic double glazing. New windows were historically recreated. The facade was carefully renovated, with the natural stone being exposed again and carefully refinished. The old roof structure was restored and the roof was completely renovated and expanded in terms of energy efficiency.

New bathrooms according to today’s high standards were installed, as well as new contemporary kitchens, with the original concrete tile floor coverings being retained or recreated.
The original 100-year-old staircase was completely renovated and returned to its original condition.
This resulted in three high-quality apartments, each with two balconies and an average of 120 square meters of living space, as well as an attic apartment, which are now inhabited and which have a unique old building charm with the latest technology.