The group is renting around 2/3 of the approximately 7,500 m² property in the immediate vicinity of Lake Zurich and will set up around 340 jobs there. The renovation of the basic extension is carried out by the building owner himself. The tenant expansion is being built independently according to the plans of hwa Architects.
A sustainable and comprehensive workspace concept with flexible, open spaces is to be implemented. Fixed workstations are to be largely replaced by the principle of desk sharing in order to be able to use the office space more economically and flexibly. This requires an expansion of teamwork and cooperation areas, as well as the offer to promote agile working methods.

The three uniform wings of a projectile are reserved for more concentrated work. The alternative working environments on offer, such as project and creative rooms, open meeting and library areas, break areas, tea kitchen and restaurant, can be found in the most prominent wing to the west, the so-called “Bellevue Hub”, a multifunctional zone with direct access to the terrace.
In order to be able to respond to individual workplace needs, the standard workplace will be supplemented by additional workspace basic modules and assigned to focused work in the future. The resulting increasing need for collaboration spaces is supplemented and augmented by well-equipped project rooms, open meeting and informal meeting zones.
The attractiveness of the workplace is further increased by additional module offerings, such as sports and retreat areas as well as areas that allow the company’s identity to be felt and experienced by the employee, such as a boutique on the ground floor and a targeted view of part of the laboratory Cosmetics.